Wound Care

If you have a wound on your foot or ankle, you may need to medical treatment to reduce the risk of complications. At Littleton Foot and Ankle Clinic, PLLC in Littleton, Colorado, board-certified podiatrist Alfred Kwon, DPM, and his exceptional staff offer comprehensive wound care for your feet to help you heal quickly. Call the office to schedule an appointment or request one online today.

Wound Care Q & A

What is wound care?

Wounds are areas of open skin. Some don’t heal properly without medical intervention. Wound care at Littleton Foot and Ankle Clinic uses a variety of methods to enhance healing and reduce the risk of infections and other complications.

Some of the benefits of wound care for your feet include:

  • Faster healing
  • Less pain
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Easier mobility

Dr. Kwon may suggest medical wound care if you have a large wound or a wound that hasn’t healed after trying at-home remedies.

What are the risk factors for non-healing wounds?

Nearly everyone develops wounds from time to time, but some factors increase your risk of having a non-healing wound. The main risk factors include diabetes or a weakened immune system. Certain medications can also boost your risk of slow-healing wounds.

You might get wounded in a car accident, playing sports, falling down, stepping on something sharp, or from an injury at work. Seek treatment at Littleton Foot and Ankle Clinic at the first sign of a serious or non-healing wound.

Is wound care right for me?

To find out if you need medical wound care, Dr. Kwon examines wounds on your feet or ankles. He reviews your medical history, symptoms, and medication regimen. Before personalizing your treatment plan, he may order blood tests or other diagnostics to detect possible causes of non-healing wounds.

What are my wound care treatment options?

Depending on the type and size of the wound, Dr. Kwon could recommend one or more of the following treatments:


During debridement procedures, Dr. Kwon cleans your wound and removes dead or diseased tissue.


Dr. Kwon can stitch a wound closed to help it heal.


Your foot specialist offers specialized bandages, pads, or shoe inserts to take pressure off of painful wounds.

Tissue grafts:

Dr. Kwon uses tissue grafts from other areas of your body or synthetic grafts developed in a lab to cover open wounds and help them heal faster.


Your provider could recommend oral medicines or creams to enhance healing and reduce your risk of infection.

To get treated, call the Littleton Foot and Ankle Clinic or request an appointment online today.

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